Supporting the Self-Employed Revolution

New figures suggest that Britain is on the cusp of a self-employed "revolution".

According to a new report from lender Aldermore, just over four million British workers will become self-employed at some point in the future. One in ten also intend to make the transition in the next six months, but a quarter said they would need to become redundant before making the decision.

Aldermore are determined to help this "entrepreneur nation" with their borrowing needs, so have reviewed their current self-employed lending criteria. They have decided to reduce the number of years’ accounts needed for a residential mortgage application from two years’ to one*. Aldermore believe this change will deliver support and flexibility to self-employed borrowers, both new home purchasers and those looking to remortgage.

Bank of Ireland has also altered its lending criteria to support a growing need for professional self-employed contractors. The lender will now consider contractors who have been trading for at least 12 months, a shorter trading period than is required under the standard criteria*. As with other lenders, Bank of Ireland are reacting to a changing "employment landscape", which looks to be shifting in the direction of self-employed workers.

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*Additional criteria may apply for applicants

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